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Can we give you a photo list of the images we want you to recreate?

I accept lists of photos in regard to maternity, engagement and family photos as well as commercial and creative photos. As well as a documentary photographer, I capture true actions and reactions as they happen especially for an event. 


How long before we see our photos or video

Estimated turn around time for portrait, events and commercial photos is within 7 days.

Estimated turn around time for wedding photos are 4 weeks. This timing can vary dependent on seasonal workload.

Estimated turn around for videography is 4 weeks minimum dependent on the size of the project, with wedding videos taking up to 6 weeks.


How do you send our photos or video?

When your images and video are complete you will receive them via a temporary online gallery where you can download them directly. You can share this gallery with family and friends. They are web size, high resolution and original. I recommend that you download Google drive to get a better result. You will also receive your file in a USB card as in a package.


How many photo images will I receive

Depend on the packages you purchase.


Do you have small wedding packages?

Yes. If you require a less then 4 hours of coverage an hourly rate is available.


Do we get white and black images?

You will receive approximately 10% of your gallery in black and white.


Do you have back up gear?

Yes, definitely! I never want to miss a moment because of any  camera hiccups or because I break a lens. On shooting day, I come with 2 cameras, 3 lenses and 2 flashes. This ensures that I have access to more gear if something was to go wrong. My camera also shoots to 2 memory cards which means that for every image I take there are two copies. I do this because there is a possibility of memory card corruptions


Can I get more photos?

For portrait session, extra photos are possible at extra charge.

I choose the best, I include all images that tell the story and capture the event If a photo is not included that’s because it was not a great image.


Am I allowed to print our photos?

You have full printing rights on your photos so you can print them as you like. 


Can I have unedited photos?

No. Raws are the unedited digital negative files that can only be opened or edited on selected programs. You will receive a polished edited JPEG file of your photography, not an incomplete product.


Can we put Instagram filter on our photos?

I ask that you completely refrain from adding any sort of additional social media filters to your image. I have worked very hard to edit your images in the style you hired me for. 

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